Crappy Broadband Internet Speeds

if you have crappy internet with charter (I’m in Madison, WI). it can be a couple of issues.

a. you have to small a package with them. try upgrading.

b. if upgrading doesn’t fix the issue. find out how old the drop line from the pole to your house is. Anything over ten years is legacy and should be replaced/updated. Charter ie won’t just come out and do that for you. They will try and futz with your bandwidth to fix the issue. it wasn’t until I demanded they replace the drop line from the pole to the building. That my internet issues went away.

here’s the thing. most of the Ethernet cable in your home is new, as well as the modem/router (if not get an upgrade) charter recently upgraded all their lines around Madison. They did not replace the drop lines from the road to your houses. why? way to expensive. The upgrade by the way is free. it is their issue, not yours.

I basically had to threaten them with leaving their service if they didn’t replace the drop line. They were out the next week…. now i’m getting 80 to 90 meg downloads and 5 up. you can test your speed by checking out

You can confirm that it is a drop line issue very easily. The Tech needs to climb the pole and check the download and upload speeds. Then Check those speeds again, where the cable comes into the building. It is very apparent right away, because in most cases you will have what is known as a “dirty line.”

Hope this helps, demand what you pay for.
Ari-John White-Wolf


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