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Raw Story: Refugee Beaten In NM, Thought She Was Muslim

Catholic Iraqi refugee attacked, beaten in NM by man who thought she was Muslim (via Raw Story )

An Albuquerque woman was attacked in her home and her family’s U.S. citizenship papers were torn up by a man who incorrectly believed that she was Muslim. Albuquerque’s KRQE Channel 13 reported that, ironically, the woman and her family are Catholic…

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Raw Story: Texas Prosecutor Removed Jury Member For ACLU Ties

A Texas Prosecutor has been fired for removing a black jurer from the jury. His reasoning was that she was a member of the ACLU and therefore just as dangerous as a White Supremecist.

Texas prosecutor boots black juror, likens her to a ‘white supremacist’ for NAACP ties (via Raw Story )

A Texas prosecutor lost his job this week after he rejected a black juror because he said that her membership in the NAACP was like being a white supremacist. According to a transcript obtained by KVUE, Travis County felony prosecutor Steve Brand told…

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California Woman Was Missing For Ten Years.

A California Woman who was missing for ten years, contacted Police. She reported to them that Isidro Garcia had kidnapped her at the age of 15 years old. He sexually assaulted the girl while dating the girl’s mother. The kidnapped her. Got her a new name and identity. Then got her a job at the same place he worked at. All classic abuser traits. She also had his child after years of rape. She got the courage to go to the police after talking to her sister on Facebook. He was booked for kidnap for rape, and lewd acts with a minor and false Imprisonment. The picture above is the home where he held her captive.

Image Source: Yahoo News

Snot News

Snot News

Woman Was Missing For Ten Years

A Woman in Santa Anna, California contacted the Police. The was abducted and held in a man’s garage for ten years. He repeatedly raped her, and she had a child by him. He also falsified papers about her for identification. This Story just broke on the Associated Press.

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