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Raw Story: 12 Year Old Girls Plan To Murder Another Girl

“Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls were charged as adults with attempted first-degree homicide for allegedly stabbing a friend 19 times because they wanted to prove that an Internet-based character really exists, WTMJ-TV reported on Monday.” – Raw Story

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Road Trip In Wisconsin? Look At The Traffic!

Here is an interesting link from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. It provides video footage of various highways. You can look at the live feed to see what the traffic looks like. The website says to call 511 for Travel Information. I tried the number from my landline office in Madison, WI. It works great!

Wisconsin DOT Travel Information

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8 Ball Prediction: Wisconsin Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

This one is an easy one. It’s already a done deal. What is decided for other State’s, tends to be the direction the courts go in. It is merely a matter of time at this point. That the Courts will rule that Wisconsin’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional.  My time frame for this is within Six Months, to a year from now.

J.B. Van Hollen plans to fight it, but he has already admitted to the press…. That it will rule in this favor.

I have been feeling the same for a few weeks now. It certainly does seem like the Courts have listened to the voices of reason. They are tending to stick in the direction of the Constitution.

This is probably one of the easiest foresight in the mix.

Update: It happened….

Magic 8 Ball

Governor Walker Job Growth: Fuzzy Math

Once again the Governor of Wisconsin has taken a twisted stick, and tried to bend it straight. We have gone through his false reports in the past. Such things as saying that Wisconsin was in debt, when it had a surplus. A surplus that he depleted.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Opinion page points to the errors of Scott Walker’s projected Job growth numbers. He is including non-profit organizations that are pre-existing organizations in WI. Additionally there is no evidence of new business oportunities in WI. WI has been in a terrible recession for six years because of the credit scandals.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Opinion Page

Scott Walker

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Wisconsin Same-Sex Marriage Ban Likely To Be Overturned

Today’s edition of the Capitol Times in Madison Wisconsin posted an article by Jack Craver, titled “J.B. Van Hollen: Wisconsin gay marriage ban likely to be overturned

He admits that the current trend in the Federal Courts has been to over turn discrimination laws directed at the citizens who identify as LGBT. He will fight this aggressively. But he has so much as admitted that it is going to be a loosing battle.

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The Capitol Times
J.B. Van Hollen: Wisconsin Gay Marriage Ban Likely To Be Overturned


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8 Ball Prediction: Walker Will Take The Election

I hate to throw this out there so early in the game. But it has been weighing heavily on my spirit. There will be no land slide victory deposing this man from office. The race might be close between Mary Burke, and Scott Walker. But it will end up in his favor by a few percentage points.

My reasoning behind this is simple. The Democratic Party is forever two steps behind the Republican Party. This was Tom Moreno’s assessment of Wisconsin Politics two years ago. It still rings true today.

Much of the problem is due to Activist Burn Out. Many worked super hard at getting rid of Governor Walker. What they didn’t see coming, was many Independents who signed the recall petition. Swung the vote for Walker’s favor.

Major discrepancies with the vote totals the first time around. Remain questions rather than answers. Famous Kathy Nikolaus is back in the drivers seat after rigging the first election in Walker’s favor. There will be more vote tampering this coming election. Trust me on this. They figured they got away with it twice, they can get away with it again. I believe the recall numbers were fudged too. The results hit the airways way to fast to not have a thorough investigation. There will be no investigation.

Another aspect, the Democratic Party has not proven themselves to the Independent Voters of Wisconsin. Yes, we can become a sing state rather easily. I feel that the way things are going, Walker will be elected for another term.

The only way that this will turn for the worst for Rump Trumpet Scott Walker… If the criminal investigations bring some major dirt into the light. Otherwise, it’s a done deal. Everyone said “One Term Tommy”… that didn’t happen either.

Thing is, conservatives don’t stay home on election day. A high percentage of Liberals don’t even consider voting.


Ari-John White-Wolf

Magic 8 Ball

8 Ball Prediction: Brat Fest Will Go On With Little Protest

The current religious agenda of the worlds biggest Brat Fest, will go unchecked. I predict that the people will either not hear of the Christian Stage, or they just won’t care. This is the way it will go. There will be Christian Ceremonies, as well as very far right political speakers.

The success rate of this years Brat Fest will not be dented one bit. Some Performing Artists at this years Brat Fest who just two years ago boycotted it, are back. There was a lot of controversy over Johnsonville Brats being huge supporters of the Walker Administration.

You will see very little disgust that this is happening. What will be prevalent at this event? A whole lot of apathy.

Wisconsin is leaning more and more toward the right wing Christian agenda. Madison’s Brat Fest is no exception.

The organizers of the Brat Fest are sending out a very loud and clear message. That this Christian Political Machine is their goal. They want to reaffirm that this is a Christian Nation. Which in effect will ignore those of other faiths, and those who do not believe.


Ari-John White-Wolf
Executive Producer
Red Dragon TV

Update: Brat Fest Organizers had marginal success. They did not break any of their records. But still had an overwhelming turnout at times.

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