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Raw Story: Truck Driver Gets Arrested Because Of His Videos

Truck-driving Alabama man arrested after videos of him threatening bicyclists goes viral (via Raw Story )

An Alabama man who posted videos of himself complaining about bicyclists has been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. In the videos, Keith Maddox describes what it’s like sharing the road with bicyclists as he drives to work. “See what…

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Submit CD’s And Music Video For Review

We are getting ready to kick off CD and Video reviews. Snot News will carry the fine tradition of supporting Independent Artists works. If you have a CD,  and/or a Video. We would love to hear from you.

Snail Mail CD’s and Promo Materials to:

Red Dragon Free Press
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Music Video: Early Thomas – Big Black Car

This is an awesome Independent Unsigned Artist living in Door County, Wisconsin. His Music has been a Red Dragon TV favorite for a few years. This Music Video is no exception. The quality of this Film and the Audio is outstanding. Big Black Car thunders out of the gate with vocal grunts and breaths that take the song on a fast paced journey.

Early Thomas Reverbnation

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Music Video: Kari Tribble – Psychedelic Moon

Psychedelic Moon by Kari Tribble

Kari is by far one of my favorite Independent Artists. I am glad that she has been a part of the Red Dragon TV Family. We have had an online relationship for a few years now. She’s the real deal people. Help support Independent Artists. Give the video a listen. If you like it… scroll down and hit the purchase link. Ari-John White-Wolf

Published on Nov 19, 2012


Psychedelic Moon Single
Copyright Kari Tribble 2012

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Music Video: Marc Black “Oh I love my Coffee”

Great Music by Marc Black out of New York.

From Marc Black’s Bio on his website.

“Marc Black is an eclectic folk-rocker who deals with life, and all its social and political challenges…one song at a time. Noted for his “timeless songs, deep grooves and excellent playing”, Marc will be inducted into the New York Chapter of the Blues Hall of Fame in June of 2014.”

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