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Raw Story: Clueless Texas Commisioners On Reparations

Clueless white Texas commissioners accidentally vote to back slavery reparations (via Raw Story )

The Dallas County Commissioners Court on Tuesday backed monetary reparations for African-Americans whose ancestors were slaves in the United States — even though the commissioners probably didn’t mean to. The Dallas Morning News reported that commissioners…

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Raw Story: Texas Prosecutor Removed Jury Member For ACLU Ties

A Texas Prosecutor has been fired for removing a black jurer from the jury. His reasoning was that she was a member of the ACLU and therefore just as dangerous as a White Supremecist.

Texas prosecutor boots black juror, likens her to a ‘white supremacist’ for NAACP ties (via Raw Story )

A Texas prosecutor lost his job this week after he rejected a black juror because he said that her membership in the NAACP was like being a white supremacist. According to a transcript obtained by KVUE, Travis County felony prosecutor Steve Brand told…

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