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Shipwrecked Camera Found Two Years Later

A Man involved in a sinking ship incident, will be getting his camera and film back. This happened in the Vancouver Island area. Vancouver Island, British Columbia is located just north of the State of Washington. An Artist living in Vancouver, his ship the Bootlegger went down in 2012.

“That just shocked me,” said Burgoyne. “Getting the camera, or the photos back, that’s really quite wonderful.”

Paul Bergoyne

Some divers from the Marine Science Center University found the Camera. There was Marine Life growing on the Camera itself. When Isabelle M. Cóté dries out the Memory Card and cleaned the contacts. She discovered a treasure trove of photographs. Then posted them on her Twitter account, in hopes of finding the Camera’s owner. It paid off and the Paul Bergoynce now has photo’s from the boating trip.

Paul Bergoyne is pretty impressed with technology at this point. He has received some irreplaceable images from his families history.


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