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Firebrand: Bush Released 171 Gitmo Prisoners, Obama 7

REPORT: Bush Released 171 Gitmo Prisoners Who Returned to Battle; Obama? Just 7 (via Firebrand Progressives)

By now, anyone who follows politics and is able to think with a rational mind can clearly see the double standards in the reactions from Republicans to similar events which occurred under both George W. Bush and President Obama. Lets start with BENGHAZI…

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Bush Administration Could Have Prevented 9.11

The New York Times reporter reported in 2012, that the Bush Administration was aware of more than what they led the General Public to believe. This Article accuses the Bush Administration of knowing about an impending threat to the nation. They took no action. The Benghazi situation had no indications that it would happen prior to the event. Meanwhile Washington Conservatives are still on a Witch hunt to bring President Obama and Hillary Clinton down. President Bush and Vice President Cheney still walk as free men with no accusations of wrong doing.

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The Deafness Before the Storm

Photo Source National Geographic