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Raw Story: 12 Year Old Girls Plan To Murder Another Girl

“Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls were charged as adults with attempted first-degree homicide for allegedly stabbing a friend 19 times because they wanted to prove that an Internet-based character really exists, WTMJ-TV reported on Monday.” – Raw Story

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Meme Buster: Lily and Maddison were separated.

This Meme has been going around the Internet for a while. The story started out as an awesome love affair, but later ended pretty bad. Lily is a Great Dane who had to have her eyes surgically removed. She suffered from a rare condition. Her eyelashes were scratching her eyeballs and causing her tremendous pain. After the surgery, another Great Dane named Maddison helped her. Coaxing her over time into the yard. They were set to be adopted together. The shelter felt that was the best option for Lily’s survival. Then one day, for no known reason… Lily turned on Maddison. Maddison stopped going near lily so the dogs had to be separated. This is more true to an original Grimm Fairy tale, verses the modern Disney version. The dogs did not live happily ever after together. This was in the United Kingdom.

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