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Raw Story: Mommy Blogger Slowly Killed Her Son

‘Mommy blogger’ slowly poisoned son to death to drive up blog traffic, cops say (via Raw Story )

A 26-year-old “mommy-blogger” was arrested Tuesday and charged with murdering her 5-year-old son by poisoning him with salt. According to the Washington Post, blogger Lacey Spears wove an intricate web of lies about herself and her son on Facebook…

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Man Indicted For Cross Burning

A Florida Man who use to live in Tennessee was Indicted the FBI Memphis Division Reports. The Man is accused of setting up a Cross with two other men, then lighting it on fire. The charges are one count of conspiracy to violate housing rights, one count of criminal interference with the right to fair housing, and one count of using fire to commit a federal felony. Thirty-Three year old Timothy Flanagan was involved with this incident because the targeted couple is interracial, and they were about to have a mixed child together. The Indictment alleges the incident took place on April 30, 2012

The FBI Memphis Division
Tennessee Man Indicted For Cross Burning

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