8 Ball Prediction: Brat Fest Will Go On With Little Protest

The current religious agenda of the worlds biggest Brat Fest, will go unchecked. I predict that the people will either not hear of the Christian Stage, or they just won’t care. This is the way it will go. There will be Christian Ceremonies, as well as very far right political speakers.

The success rate of this years Brat Fest will not be dented one bit. Some Performing Artists at this years Brat Fest who just two years ago boycotted it, are back. There was a lot of controversy over Johnsonville Brats being huge supporters of the Walker Administration.

You will see very little disgust that this is happening. What will be prevalent at this event? A whole lot of apathy.

Wisconsin is leaning more and more toward the right wing Christian agenda. Madison’s Brat Fest is no exception.

The organizers of the Brat Fest are sending out a very loud and clear message. That this Christian Political Machine is their goal. They want to reaffirm that this is a Christian Nation. Which in effect will ignore those of other faiths, and those who do not believe.


Ari-John White-Wolf
Executive Producer
Red Dragon TV

Update: Brat Fest Organizers had marginal success. They did not break any of their records. But still had an overwhelming turnout at times.

Magic 8 Ball

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