8 Ball Prediction: Walker Will Take The Election

I hate to throw this out there so early in the game. But it has been weighing heavily on my spirit. There will be no land slide victory deposing this man from office. The race might be close between Mary Burke, and Scott Walker. But it will end up in his favor by a few percentage points.

My reasoning behind this is simple. The Democratic Party is forever two steps behind the Republican Party. This was Tom Moreno’s assessment of Wisconsin Politics two years ago. It still rings true today.

Much of the problem is due to Activist Burn Out. Many worked super hard at getting rid of Governor Walker. What they didn’t see coming, was many Independents who signed the recall petition. Swung the vote for Walker’s favor.

Major discrepancies with the vote totals the first time around. Remain questions rather than answers. Famous Kathy Nikolaus is back in the drivers seat after rigging the first election in Walker’s favor. There will be more vote tampering this coming election. Trust me on this. They figured they got away with it twice, they can get away with it again. I believe the recall numbers were fudged too. The results hit the airways way to fast to not have a thorough investigation. There will be no investigation.

Another aspect, the Democratic Party has not proven themselves to the Independent Voters of Wisconsin. Yes, we can become a sing state rather easily. I feel that the way things are going, Walker will be elected for another term.

The only way that this will turn for the worst for Rump Trumpet Scott Walker… If the criminal investigations bring some major dirt into the light. Otherwise, it’s a done deal. Everyone said “One Term Tommy”… that didn’t happen either.

Thing is, conservatives don’t stay home on election day. A high percentage of Liberals don’t even consider voting.


Ari-John White-Wolf

Magic 8 Ball

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